Corporate responsibility

 Royal Petrokimya is proud to act as a responsible corporate citizen in all we do, wherever we do it.

The Group manages its activities with the highest regard for the wellbeing of people, places and the environment.

Royal Petrokimya is part of the world’s transition towards a greener economy. We have adopted environmental products into our portfolio at the early stages. We trade in carbon emissions, certified biodiesel and other environmental products. We have invested in sustainable biofuel refining that encourages the use of non-carbon fuels.

The activities we undertake are managed to the highest environmental, health and safety standards.

In the communities where we operate, we employ local people to manage and run our facilities. This helps to create more sustainable businesses.

Royal Petrokimya’s approach is to act responsibly and to be a leader in good corporate practice. We always adopt and adhere to the best in class standards as required by the world’s most rigorous regulatory regimes.