We are bitumen trader, we offer most of grades for bitumen to suppliers according to our deep knowledge about our customers’ inquiries and need. In some cases we manage producers’ platform by our experts for more quality and on time delivery. Royal Petrokimya as a big bitumen trader in area have plan to buy a small size refinery in Iraq and stablish a bitumen producing platform in Iran. Also regarding to our strategies in having valuable assets in our control, we are planning to have some deposit stocks in main ports for delivery on-time and reduce finished cost for more competing.

As we introduce our company, one of the main sourcing place is Iran and Iraq, and Iran is one the biggest producer of bitumen in Middle East because of its crude oil composition.

Also with experience in last year’s we have capability to export more than 500,000 MT each year. Iran bitumen is produced from crude oil and also we can supply bitumen from Iraq source with same quality. We have export bitumen to various countries in area and overseas like UAE, India, Singapore, Bangladesh, and Turkey.

Royal Petrokimya can supply all grades of bitumen for construction. Our company try to stablish his own deposits in Bandar Abbas Port and some free zones for speed up delivery time and reduce costs for customers. Also we try to buy a factory in Iran for more control in producing bitumen process. It help us to produce by our brand, control and suitable price.

We offer you almost all grades of bitumen, Penetration grade (40/50, 60/70, 90/130), Cut back medium cure bitumen (MC30, MC70, MC130, MC250, MC3000), Cut back fast cure and slow cure bitumen grades and viscosity grade (VG10, VG20, VG30).

Royal Petrokimya can deliver in any package (bulk, drum, polybag, IBC …) according to your offer in the competitive price, quality and time.

For more information about grades, TDS, Prices, delivery term and … you can contact us by email easily.


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