Sheep meat and other products from sheep

Royal Petrokimya has owned a modern slaughterhouse in Mongolia as one of the biggest sheep meat supplier. Zerger Slaughterhouse has established in west of Mongolia in Baynolgi province with capacity 100MT/day.

In last 10 years we can export sheep meat to Iran, Azerbaijan, Iraq, and China. We can send meat in 2 format: freeze and warm by airplane (for warm inquiries), refrigerated train and truck.

Mongolia is a famous for wool, deserts, and sheep and horse meats. The sheeps that grow in Mongolia has very tasty meat and normally is suitable for Middle East’s people flavor. We try to offer the best quality Meat, Wool, Skin and products of sheep to our customers. We believe that food commodities are very important for society’s safety and we try to get all needed documents according to each target country. Then we got Halal certificate for Muslim countries, and also we try to deliver our products in the best cargo way and very suitable price. Our products package and maintenance conditions are definitely accord to customer need and delivery conditions.

In the following links you can see some certificates for our slaughterhouse and company in Mongolia and also some pictures about our facilities in Mongolia. If you have any inquiry you can contact to us easily by email or telephone.



Our Certificates: